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A development base to support world’s manufacturing innovations

【certified by “Subsidies from Osaka-City for Locating Innovation Center”】

2018.4.20 NEW OPEN


A plan of open innovation promotion project was approved.

On Subsidies from Osaka-City for Locating Innovation Center, this plan managed by Seikou Seimitsu was approved.

Shape ideas
“Garage Minato” is a platform to immediately shape ideas of researchers and start-ups. In Japan, where it takes a lot of time to realize, it is necessary to commercialize their ideas quickly in the future. We need a place where they can make relationships with manufacturers and also they can understand each other, in other words, a place for shaping their ideas. Their intimate relationship enables us to realize immediately. We provide a space on the 2nd floor to share ideas and on the 1st floor to make products. You can shape ideas in ONE building.
We utilize technologies of each small factory and ideas of creators, and move actively face to face. This boosts innovations. We make prototypes, shape their ideas, and contribute to society. We aim to make Japan a center of supporting innovations around the world and become great manufacturers.
We think we can also create a basis of manufacturing in the future by sharing and succeeding technologies, also co-working. We cooperate with Garage Sumida (locates in Tokyo-To Sumida-Ku) , Garage Taisho (locates in Osaka-City Taisho-Ku) and accelerate more innovations.
Combine ideas
with small factories
・Open innovation space【63.41㎡】
You can hold an event or seminar with outside worker. There is projector and whiteboard.
・Incubation space × 4【each 10.0㎡】
For co-workers
There is a desk, chair, Wi-Fi, intercom, and air-condition.
・Co-working space【12.71㎡】
Simple space
There is a 3D printer, a multifunction printer (share), a workbench.
・Kitchen, Smoking room
・CADCAM space【15.43㎡】
Virtual simulation space
・Factory space【185.15㎡】
There is a 5-axis machining center, a main spindle machining center (80000 lotation), a 4-axis machining center, a spindle number 50 taper machining center (You can also cut heavily with this), a high precision contour control machining center, a small machining center, a wire electric discharge machine, a surface grinding machine, 4 drilling machine, 7 CADCAM system, a CAD system (for design), CNC coordinate measuring machine, and a surface roughness meter.
based on harbor

Minato-Ku Osaka-City was a harbor city, and many merchants have gone in and out here. But now few ships come. So today we imaged much innovations go in and out, and created the space. The concept is many containers on the world’s each harbor. They are always transported somewhere, so the harbor scene always changes. As “World’s harbor”, we will connect with the world, bring changes, and create new value.

Want to
change the world


We founded with only NC milling machine 17 years ago. We made an effort to improve technical skills, and now we can cut everything we can hold in hand and we are appreciated.
The number of small factories at Minato-ku decreased by half than we founded. It is worried that technical skills decrease because of veterans’ retirement. But I made an effort for a long time, because I wanted to tell next generation how interesting manufacturing is, make a space to learn and grow up together, integrate expertise of small factories and make new products.
Nowadays I met Mr. Maru, who is an president of Leave a Nest Co.,Ltd, and I was impressed by his high motivation. We made a vision to solve the problem of world’s manufacturing. We will educate next generation, succeed technical skills of small factories, combine their skills with ideas of researchers or start-ups,  and create new business. “Garage Minato” makes an effort to contribute to the world.
We will cooperate with Garage Sumida and Garage Taisho ( Garage Project ), Taisho Minato Manufacturing Executive Committee, General Incorporated Association Minato Industry, and make prototypes quickly.

Seikou Seimitsu Co.,Ltd   President
高満 洋徳

Where is our center


Seikou Seimitsu Co.,Ltd 2nd floor
1-4-35 Namiyoke Minato-Ku Osaka- City
TEL:06-6586-5771 FAX:06-6586-5772
About 7minutes by walk from Bentencho Station (JR Osaka Loop Line)
About 10 minutes by walk from Bentencho Station (Chuo Subway Line)

We want innovators


If you agree with our wish and want to join, please contact us. We will recruit such companies.

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